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Le Tisserin is a house founded in Chamonix which combines the trend and the top of the range with socks designed using materials that are as efficient as they are noble.

date creation :2022

Founder: Peter Vainer
Chris Ingham
Anthony Nakoneczny Marin

date creation :2022

Atelir Tisserin: 36 years of fashion, 80 of history


About Atelier Tisserin

Atelier Tisserin is the result of a unique collaboration between British fashion and the French textile industry. Born from the meeting between Peter Vainer, founder of Favourbrook, and Anthony Nakoneczny Marin, leader of the CN Textil and Co group, Atelier Tisserin represents a synergy between the elegance offashion and technical precision.

Our history

Atelier Tisserin was born from the combination of more than 36 years of experience in luxury fashion of Peter Vainer and 80 years of industrial and technical history of the Arve Valley, driven by Anthony Nakoneczny Marin. This unique fusion has created a brand that combines the refinement of haute couture with the expertise of textile innovation.

A Heritage of Know-How

The workshop is anchored in a heritage rich in know-how and excellence. Each creation is the result of an in-depth search for innovation and quality, reflecting the fusion of artisanal traditions with modern technologies.

Distinguished Creations

Atelier Tisserin specializes in crafting luxury knitwear, integrating sophisticated designs with the highest quality materials. The studio's collections offer a unique experience, where each piece is a work of art in itself.

Expanding Our Horizon With a forward-looking vision, Atelier Tisserin is committed to expanding its influence in the world of luxury fashion, while remaining true to its roots of excellence and quality. The brand aspires to revolutionize knitting fashion, with a focus on sustainable innovation and timeless design.

Explore the world of Atelier Tisserin:

Join the journey of Atelier Tisserin, where the art of fashion meets textile innovation to create exceptional luxury pieces.

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