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Launch of CN International Textile Trade in Collaboration with 300 Stores in France

Group Press Release - April 24, 2024

The CN Textil and Co Group is pleased to announce the launch of CN International Textile Trade, a new strategic initiative in the field of international textile trade. This division is committed to strengthening the group's presence in France and internationally by establishing an initial partnership with more than 300 stores across France.

CN International Textile Trade will specialize in the import-export of various textile products, ranging from raw materials to finished and end-of-line products, including yarns, fabrics, and accessories.

This diversified offering will make it possible to effectively respond to the specific needs of the fashion, luxury, sports and industrial sectors.

This partnership illustrates our commitment to providing high-quality textile solutions and supporting the dynamism of the French textile sector. Thanks to our extensive network and recognized expertise, CN International Textile Trade aims to become a key player in the global market.

Anthony Nakoneczny Marin, CEO of CN Textil and Co Group: "We are delighted to launch CN International Textile Trade, which will not only expand our scope in international trade, but also allow us to give a second life to textiles, end-of-series and other products that fall outside the usual scope of our production and distribution activities," said the CEO of the CN Textil and Co Group. "This initiative is perfectly in line with our commitment to promoting a more sustainable and responsible industry."

For any inquiries or to find out more about our services and our network of partners, please contact:


The CN Textil And Co team.

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