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CN Textil and Co Group 3rd Quarter 2023 Report

Dear partners, and stakeholders, we are delighted to share with you the encouraging results of the last quarter of the CN Textil and Co. Group.

Beyond our commercial growth, we are determined to seize new opportunities to diversify our activities and explore new horizons. During this 3rd quarter of 2023, we experienced a fine and encouraging expansion in the textile production sector, with a net increase in turnover, in particular thanks to the successful creation of our subsidiaries.

This growth provides us with the financial stability and platform to explore new avenues. And feed our ambitions and our desire to act towards less but better.

That's why we're excited to explore opportunities outside of textiles. We firmly believe that other markets are powerful vectors of change and opportunity, and we are committed to playing a significant role in these sectors.

Specific details of our plans and ambitions will be communicated in due course, as we are committed to a transparent and accountable approach in all our future endeavours.< /p>

We are committed to staying true to our values of sustainability, social responsibility and innovation, while exploring new ways to contribute positively to society.

We would like to thank our dedicated team, loyal customers and partners for their continued trust and support. We look forward to continuing to write the success story of CN Textil and Co. Group with all of you.

Best regards,

CN Textil And Co. Team

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