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Nakotex: Textile Excellence at the Heart of CN Textil and Co.

About Nakotex

Nakotex is a textile entity successfully deployed by the CN-Distribution subsidiary of the CN Textil and Co Group. With its creation in 2019 under the name "WE:AR" and its transformation into Nakotex in 2020, this textile activity represents the pinnacle producing textiles for a multitude of markets, including sports, medical, fashion and luxury.

A Diversified Product Palette

Nakotex is recognized for its exceptional versatility. It manufactures a full line of apparel and textiles, suitable for a variety of industries, including:

  • Sport: Performance sportswear, team uniforms and innovative sports equipment.

  • Medical: High quality medical textiles, respecting the strictest safety and comfort standards.

  • Fashion: Fashionable clothing collections, designed to meet the requirements of current trends.

  • Luxury: Luxurious textile creations, combining craftsmanship and superior quality materials.

Manufacturing for International Brands

Nakotex prides itself on its ability to produce garments and textiles for renowned international brands. We work closely with our customers to turn their visions into reality, with a focus on quality, sustainability and innovation.

Customization and Custom Production

In addition to our standard production, Nakotex offers a branch dedicated to customization and bespoke production. Whether it's for corporate uniforms, promotional clothing or unique items, we bring your ideas to life with our textile expertise.

A Dedicated Sales Force

To meet the needs of events, communities and sports clubs, Nakotex has its own specialized sales force. This dedicated team works closely with our customers to ensure that their textile projects are a total success.

A Global Presence

Nakotex leverages its global network of factories, ensuring efficient and quality production. Our facilities are strategically located around the world, allowing optimal responsiveness to our customers' needs.

The Expertise of 22 Textile Professions

Nakotex has extensive knowledge of the textile industry, covering no less than 22 different trades. This allows us to master each stage of textile production, from design to manufacturing, to offer the highest quality products.

At Nakotex, we are driven by innovation, quality and creativity. We are proud of our contribution to the global textile industry and our commitment to excellence.

Discover how Nakotex can meet your textile needs by exploring our offers:

We are Nakotex, and we are ready to transform your ideas into exceptional textiles.

Note: The information provided is based on data available at the time of writing and may be subject to future changes.

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NAKOTEX, a company owned by the band CN

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