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Since 1940

Born in Sallanches in 1940, Roger Marin began his career as an apprentice plumber at 14 years old. Talented, he founded his own company, then turned to bar turning, producing precision parts for automobiles and aeronautics. His entrepreneurial journey led him to create a second company, thus consolidating the presence of the family businesses Marin, DLM and SaniDecor, in the Arve valley.

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Year 1990

In the 1990s, the Marin family diversified by opening Jules & Clémentine, a luxury lingerie boutique. During this period, Christine Marin met Christophe Nakoneczny, a former Alpine hunter and son of traders of Ukrainian origin. Their union marks a turning point for the Marins, who are moving towards industrial real estate. At the same time, the Nakoneczny family opened a business in Sallanches, following the sale of a brewery.


Born in Sallanches in 2001, Anthony Nakoneczny Marin, son of Christophe and Christine, grandson of bar turner Roger Marin, chose to perpetuate the family legacy. At 17, still a high school student, he launched Curlynak, a brand dedicated to high-end technical socks and accessories, thus continuing his family's commercial and industrial history.

Anthony Nakoneczny Marin Groupe CN Textil and Co


In 2021, following obtaining a business award for the creation of Nakotex, a new entity dedicated to white label production, Anthony decided to consolidate his existing activities. Thus was born CN Textil and Co, unifying its various initiatives under the same brand and marking a key stage in its entrepreneurial development.


In 2022, Anthony takes the initiative to extend the CN Textil and Co group to the luxury sector. In this process, the company is transformed into a diversified textile group. To realize this vision, Anthony is joining forces with the Arc en Ciel group, led by Peter Vainer, founder of the Favourbrook brand and head of a real estate group. Together, they launched Tisserin Distribution of which CN Textil co became the majority shareholder, marking the entry of the CN Textil and Co group into the world of fashion and luxury with the creation of a brand new brand.

Peter Vainer Groupe CN Textil and co


In 2023, the CN Textil and Co group continues its growth by founding a new subsidiary, CN Distribution, intended to stimulate the distribution of the Curlynak brand and strengthen its production activity. To give new impetus and explore new industrial and commercial solutions, Anthony is joining forces with the AUPA textile group. The management of this new subsidiary is entrusted to Anthony Gay, marking a strategic step in the evolution of the group.

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