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Presentation of the CN Textil and Co. Group Holding Company.

The holding company of the CN Textil and Co. Group is the centerpiece of our organizational structure. As a one-man limited liability company, it plays a central role in the management and coordination of all of our activities, subsidiaries and brands. Under the trade name "CN TEXTIL AND CO," it embodies our values of innovation, quality and sustainability.

Legal Information



Identification Numbers

  • SIREN number: 919298612

  • SIRET number (head office): 91929861200012

  • Intra-community VAT number: FR93919298612

  • RCS number: Annecy B 919 298 612

  • Activity (NAF or APE code): Manufacture of outerwear (1413Z)

Registration Dates

  • RCS registration: September 15, 2022

  • INSEE registration: September 6, 2022

Share capital

The share capital of the Holding company amounts to €60,000.00.

Shareholder and Agent

  • Shareholder: Anthony Nakoneczny Marin holds all of the company's shares.

  • Representative: Anthony Nakoneczny Marin is the only member mandated to manage this company.

Our role

The holding company of the CN Textil and Co. Group is the structure that owns and supervises all of our subsidiaries, brands and activities. It plays an essential role in the strategic and operational coordination of our group. Among its main responsibilities are:

Subsidiary Management

The Holding is responsible for the administrative and financial management of our subsidiaries, guaranteeing consistent and effective governance at all levels of our organization.

Trademark Coordination

She ensures consistency and synergy between our various brands, ensuring that they all reflect our commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability.

Global Strategy

The Holding company develops and oversees our global strategy, in collaboration with the management teams of our various activities. It strives to maintain our leadership in the textile industry while exploring new growth opportunities.

Financial management

It ensures prudent financial management, guaranteeing the stability and profitability of our group, which allows us to continue our investments in innovation, sustainability and expansion.

Social responsibility

The Holding promotes our commitment to corporate social responsibility, ensuring that our activities have a positive impact on our local communities and the environment.

The holding company of the CN Textil and Co. Group is at the heart of our success and growth. She embodies our dedication to excellence and innovation, and she continues to play a vital role in shaping our successful future.

Note: The information provided is based on data available at the time of writing and may be subject to future changes.

The team

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