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Our industrial fight.

Image de Francois Le Nguyen

In a world where the ideal of local production becomes a panacea to the environmental challenges of our industry, CN Textil and Co. stands out with a more nuanced and profound vision. Aware that the solution is not unilateral, we recognize the limits of an exclusively local approach: high prices reducing accessibility and a potential brake on economic prosperity and employment.

Our group chooses to act differently. For us, producing sustainable products firstly means understanding where and how to do it optimally. By favoring intelligent relocation, we respond to the environmental imperative without forgetting the economic aspect. Sustainability at CN Textil and Co. is not limited to the origin of the product, but to its complete life cycle and its carbon footprint, of which transport represents only 4%.

Image de Lalit Kumar
Image de Philip Myrtorp

We defend the idea that the real polluting market is that of the masses, saturated with lower quality products. Our mission is therefore to reintroduce products to the market that combine fair prices, superior quality and respect for the environment. Through our own brands or white labels, we aim to make a tangible difference, far from superficial solutions.

Testimony from Anthony Nakoneczny Marin, CEO: “At CN Textil and Co., our fight goes well beyond appearances. Every action we take is guided by the conviction that we can combine respect for the environment, quality and accessibility. We are committed to transforming the textile industry, not only for today but for future generations.”

Anthony Nakoneczny Marin Groupe CN Textil and co
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