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Presentation of the Tisserin Distribution subsidiary

The Tisserin Distribution subsidiary is a strategic entity within the CN Textil and Co. Group, whose main mission is to organize the sales force of the Atelier Tisserin brand and position the group on the fashion and luxury markets. This simplified joint-stock company is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Arc En Ciel Group and Holding CN Textil and Co., with a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Legal Information



Legal status

  • Legal form: Simplified joint-stock company

  • Creation date: June 13, 2023

Trade Names


Identification Numbers

  • SIREN: 953467669

  • SIRET number (head office): 95346766900016

  • Intra-community VAT number: FR89953467669

  • RCS number: Annecy B 953 467 669

  • Activity (NAF or APE code): Manufacture of knitted footwear (1431Z)

Registration Dates

  • RCS registration: June 19, 2023

  • INSEE registration: June 13, 2023

Share capital

The share capital of CTisserin Distribution amounts to €10,000.00.

Shareholders and Officers

CTisserin Distribution is the result of a collaboration between two major players:

  • Arc En Ciel Group: The Arc En Ciel Group holds 49% of the capital of CTisserin Distribution and is represented by Peter Vainer as Managing Director.

  • Holding CN Textil and Co.: Holding CN Textil and Co. holds 51% of the capital of CTisserin Distribution and is represented by Anthony Nakoneczny Marin as Manager.

Our role

CTisserin Distribution occupies a central place in the development strategy of the CN Textil and Co Group. Its main missions include:

Promotion of the Atelier Tisserin brand

She is responsible for actively promoting the Atelier Tisserin brand on the fashion and luxury markets, highlighting the quality and know-how of our products.

Organization of the Sales Force

CTisserin Distribution organizes and supervises the sales force dedicated to the distribution of Atelier Tisserin products, ensuring that the brand values are transmitted with excellence.

Strategic positioning

She develops positioning strategies in the fashion and luxury markets, guaranteeing a competitive and innovative presence for the group.


Tisserin Distribution continually explores new market and growth opportunities, contributing to the global expansion of the CN Textil and Co Group.

The Tisserin Distribution subsidiary plays a central role in achieving our objectives in the fashion and luxury markets, reflecting our commitment to excellence and creativity.

Note: The information provided is based on data available at the time of writing and may be subject to future changes.

The team

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