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CN Textil and Co and AUPA join forces to create CN Distribution.

In a resolute approach to optimizing resources and strengthening their presence on the market, the CN Textil and Co and AUPA groups have chosen to combine to give birth to CN Distribution.

This strategic collaboration will bring together the activities of the two groups within a single entity, thus offering significant advantages in the field of textile production.

Anthony Gay, owner of the AUPA Group, is named the head of CN Distribution as managing director, this new company is ready to redefine the standards of sustainability in the industry.

The synergy between CN Textil and Co and AUPA:

- CN Textil and Co Group, a player in the textile industry since 2018 through its Curlynak brand and Nakotex textile business.

- The AUPA Group, including the head of AUPA Gear, is a company specializing in the manufacture of clothing and accessories for outdoor activities.< /span>

The two groups combine their skills to create CN Distribution. This strategic union will allow the two groups to combine their respective strengths and offer a global solution, from production to sale, within a single structure.

Anthony Gay, owner of the AUPA Group, will take on the role of Managing Director of CN Distribution, bringing his invaluable expertise in the field of textile production and marketing durable. Thanks to this merger, CN Distribution will benefit from a solid experience in design, manufacturing and distribution, thus strengthening its position in the market.

A balanced partnership for sustained growth:

Within this new entity, the AUPA group will hold 49% of the capital, thus consolidating its strategic position in the development of the company. The remaining 51% will be held by the CN Textil and Co group, which will also chair CN Distribution. This balanced distribution guarantees a harmonious and equitable collaboration, allowing the two groups to work hand in hand to achieve their common vision. CN Group retains ownership of the Curlynak trademark.

Transition to sustainable textile production:

The evolution of CN Textil and Co to create CN Distribution is a continuation of the group's efforts in favor of sustainable development. This new structure will be a catalyst for more environmentally friendly production practices, reflecting CN Textil and Co's commitment to sustainability. Group CEO, Anthony Nakoneczny Marin, underlines the importance of this merger, saying: "The creation of CN Distribution marks a key step in our journey towards more sustainable textile production. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact while offering superior products to our customers.

A Versatile Commitment: Production and Distribution of the Curlynak Brand, as well as the Development of the Nakotex Textile Production Activity

CN Distribution is positioning itself as a key player in the textile industry by focusing on two main areas. First, the company will handle the production and distribution of the Curlynak brand. With its expertise in the manufacture of sustainable clothing and accessories, CN Distribution is committed to offering high quality products that meet the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

In addition, CN Distribution will seek to develop its textile production activity, Nakotex, by making its factories and skills available to produce textiles for other players in the industry. 'industry. By offering its production capabilities to partner brands, CN Distribution will help promote sustainable production practices across the industry.

Thus, CN Distribution positions itself not only as a company focused on its own brand, but also as a partner of choice for players in the textile industry who wish to benefit environmentally friendly production and quality products. This dual approach will allow CN Distribution to consolidate its position as a key player in the textile industry while contributing to the overall advancement of sustainability in the sector.

Anthony Gay: A Textile Industry Visionary and Professional Trail Runner at the Head of CN Distribution

Anthony Gay, in addition to being the owner of the AUPA group, is a seasoned entrepreneur and recognized professional trailer. This unique experience in the world of outdoor sports gives him a strategic vision and a close link with consumer needs. As the new Managing Director of CN Distribution, Anthony Gay brings an unwavering passion for the textile industry and deep expertise in manufacturing sustainable apparel and accessories. His knowledge of performance, comfort and durability requirements in outdoor activities is a valuable asset in guiding the company towards new achievements.

Through his inspiring leadership and ability to innovate, Anthony Gay is determined to make CN Distribution an undisputed reference in the textile production sector. His passion for the environment and his commitment to sustainable practices are reflected in his desire to develop solutions that respect the ecosystem, while maintaining a high level of quality. By combining his entrepreneurial skills, technical expertise and clear vision, Anthony Gay is driving CN Distribution's evolution towards a more responsible and promising future.

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