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Elegance Merged with Durability: Tisserin Distribution, an Alliance of Excellence

A wind of change is blowing through the luxury industry as Tisserin Distribution, the result of a daring collaboration, sees the light of day.

The Arc en Ciel Group, a fashion player, and the CN Textil and Co group, a specialist in sustainability and textile production, are opening a new chapter, where elegance rhymes with responsibility.


A new era is dawning with the creation of Tisserin Distribution, a company dedicated to the marketing and production of an international luxury brand < span style="color: #000000;">Atelier Tisserin. Under the visionary leadership of Peter Vainer as Managing Director and Anthony Nakoneczny Marin as President, Tisserin Distribution brings together complementary expertise to shape a unique entity on the market.


The Arc en Ciel Group, a player in fashion and luxury, has built its reputation as a shareholder of prestigious brands such as Favourbrook and Oliver Spencer. At the same time, its presence in the real estate sector attests to its success in managing its activities. With expertise in the distribution and management of renowned brands, the Arc en Ciel Group offers an in-depth understanding of trends and an ability to create successful brands. Peter Vainer, endowed with an enlightened vision and flawless experience, brings solid strategic leadership to Tisserin Distribution.

The CN Textil and Co group completes this alliance with its industrial know-how and its resolute commitment to eco-responsible practices. Renowned for its quality of textile production, the group places sustainability at the heart of its concerns. The fusion of its skills with the distribution expertise of the Arc en Ciel Group gives Tisserin Distribution a privileged position to become an international company, meeting the requirements of the most demanding consumers.

Peter Vainer: A Visionary of Fashion and Hospitality

Peter Vainer, Managing Director of Tisserin Distribution, is a man with an inspiring life path. From the fashion industry to the real estate world in Chamonix, her life is a succession of thrilling adventures.

Known for creating the prestigious London label Favourbrook, Peter has a proven track record in fashion for many years. In 1999 his curious spirit pushed him to put his suitcases down in Chamonix, where he opened the doors of

The Expedition, a lounge bar that quickly became a a must in the region before closing its doors in 2004.

The same year, looking for new challenges, Peter co-founded Chamonix Ten80, a property management company. Today, Chamonix Ten80 successfully manages over 140 properties in the valley, a testament to Peter's expertise and entrepreneurial vision.

But Peter's adventure doesn't end there. Peter is also at the head of the Arc en Ciel Group, shareholder of the renowned brands Oliver Spencer, Favourbrook and Pure Immobilier a real estate agency. This position gives it a double role, combining its know-how in fashion and its commitment to responsible luxury.

In his fulfilling life in Chamonix, surrounded by his family, Peter has found an exciting new adventure by taking the helm of Tisserin Distribution. By fusing his expertise in fashion, hospitality and property management, he breathes innovative life into every aspect of the business.

Anthony Nakoneczny Marin: Youth at the service of textile innovation

Anthony Nakoneczny Marin, a name that evokes the spirit of innovation and passion for textiles. From a young age, Anthony has shown exceptional determination to create a positive impact in the industry. At only 17, he launched his first company "curlynak", a brand of socks and technical accessories based in Chamonix, and mainly produced in the Alps. At the age of 19, he created the company WE:AR, which became Nakotex, a textile production company that became one of the leaders in the production of accessories and sportswear.

His early vision of the importance of sustainability led him to found the CN Textil and Co Group at the age of 21. This group is a family holding company focused on responsible industrial and commercial practices in the sports, luxury, fashion and medical fields. Anthony has initiated many entrepreneurial projects to expand the activities of his group and promote responsible production.

Under his leadership, the CN Textil and Co group has become an actor of change in the industry, with a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability . Anthony is recognized for his ability to push boundaries, find creative solutions and anticipate emerging market needs.

Today, as President of Tisserin Distribution, Anthony brings his expertise in sustainability and innovation to shape a company that is redefining the standards of luxury industry. His deep belief in responsible practices is reflected in every aspect of Tisserin Distribution, from material selection to ethical production.

This collaboration between two players creates a synergy of exceptional opportunities and advantages for Tisserin Distribution. The combination of the respective strengths of the two groups will create a unique luxury brand, combining exceptional quality, avant-garde design and a strong environmental commitment. Today's consumers are looking for brands that combine excellence and responsibility.


Tisserin Distribution represents a major step for the CN Textil group, thus consolidating its status as a key player in the textile industry. This alliance with the Group Arc en Ciel opens an exciting new chapter in the world of fashion, where the two entities join forces to create a leading international luxury brand.Tisserin Distribution positions itself as a true symbol of excellence at the service of Atelier Tisserin, a brand that will mark you...". Anthony Nakoneczny Marin - CEO

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